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Ifor Williams HB 506 - 2017

The HB 506 is a traditional design which delivers the highest levels of comfort and safety for your horse. The HB 506 double horsebox is ideal for transporting two horses up to 16.2hh.

If you passed your test on or after 01/01/1997.... 

You may tow a trailer with a MAM not exceeding 750kg (e.g. a small garden trailer). If you do pull a trailer with a MAM of over 750kg you must ensure that:

The actual weight of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3,500kg

The actual weight of the trailer may not exceed the unladen weight of the drawing vehicle – so your trailer cannot be heavier than the vehicle towing it.

If you are towing a trailer heavier than that, you’ll need:

A Category B+E licence – this is the most useful for towing horsebox trailers. It allows you to tow a trailer with a MAM of up to 3,500kg (i.e. a horse trailer). To get this, you’ll need to take an extra driving test.

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Gross Weight       Unlaiden Weight        Internal Length   

      2600kg                       920kg                        3.16m            

If you passed your test before 01/01/1997.....

You have entitlement to drive C1+E with a ‘107’ restriction. This limits the actual weight of the combination of both towing vehicle and trailer to 8.25 tonnes (or 8250kg). This weight limit is normally ample for towing any horsebox. But you’ll still need to check that your vehicle is powerful enough to safely tow your horsebox.